After making some tasty protein you were called back and asked if you needed help and you didn't drink it yet. It was around a minute before the proteins separated.

Are Protein Shakes okay for Drinking? What is the longest time it takes for proteins to be mixed before mixing them? Do protein shakes expire?

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Protein shakes are a combination of protein and other ingredients, usually a liquid such as water, milk, or fruit juice. Protein shakes can contain around 15 to 20 grams of protein per serving and provide essential amino acids that help build muscle and repair tissue. They are also a great source of energy for athletes during workouts or sports competitions.

How Long Do Protein Shakes Last?

A protein shake is very nutritional and great for breakfast or lunch. For maximum flavor you will want to enjoy your protein drinks within a week of their creation, the flavor should also increase. In the case of the unmissable dried protein powder, it can last at least 18 months.

The general rule is to throw it away if the product seems clumpy or has a strange smell, despite its age. When combining protein shakes, they should be consumed immediately for optimum taste and good quality.

Another example is whey protein. A whey protein powder should be consumed within 1-2 months of opening the packet, especially if it has not been refrigerated.

In general, protein drinks will last a week in the fridge and up to two months in the freezer. So if you want to enjoy your protein shake for as long as possible, then make sure you keep them cold and fresh!

Do Protein Powder Last Longer If Mixed With Hot or Cold Liquid?

There is no evidence to support the claim that hot water can be toxic in protein powders. It will be spoiled for 2-4 hours in freshness and 24 hours in refrigerated conditions.

Using protein powder at room temperature can also cause the powder slurry to slough more easily. The flavor will remain unaffected but it won’t be as fresh.

Furthermore, some of the benefits associated with protein drinks can dissipate over time if they are left sitting at room temperature or exposed to extreme temperatures.

What Can Make Your Protein Shake Gross If You Sit For Long?

Protein shakes, as well as protein powder, are some foods that age quickly. The longer a person sits the worse the chances that it becomes excessively gross (especially if stored incorrectly). This equation begins by determining protein powders.

Normally plants can keep longer (apart from soy), while multiple protein sources can be used for the same purpose. In the final assessment that is going to determine the longevity of the protein are the ingredients.

When you consume acidic fruits like blueberries, the protein shake should be eaten immediately. Otherwise, things will probably worsen.

Here are the lists of the possible things that could cause your protein shake to become gross:

  • Storing your drink in direct sunlight or too hot a temperature.

  • Not using the proper storage containers.

  • Not cleaning utensils, blenders, and cups after usage.

  • Leaving it to sit for longer than two hours at room temperature.

How Can I Tell If My Protein Shake Has Gone Bad?

Typically, a protein shake smells bad. The shake itself has the taste of decay and will spoil with time. Do your shakes still smell as good after you mixed them out?

Other indicators indicating protein shakes are ill included a bitter taste, a drier texture, and coloration and consistency. Protein shakes that have been turned bad can sometimes appear darker.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Protein Shake Fresh?

In an ideal world, you'd create your protein shake and consume it within 30 minutes, but in reality, doesn't always work that way. Storage techniques and the ingredients you use to make your shake are the two main factors that affect how long it will keep.

1. Keep it in the fridge

The best approach to extend the shelf life of your protein shake is to store it in the refrigerator, out of direct sunlight, or in a cup with temperature control. When you keep your shake in the fridge rather than at room temperature, it has a 72-hour shelf life.

2. Reconsider the ingredients you add to your shake

Even though fruit is a good addition to any protein shake, it isn't the ideal choice if you're not going to consume your shake straight away. It is because many fruits turn the shake brown, making it tasteless after a few hours. So choose a protein shake without fruit if you intend to preserve your smoothie for later.

3. Re-blend with more ice

If the liquid has parted from the solid protein powder, simply mix or blend it again to refresh. To do this, all you need to do is stir in a few ice cubes, which will both cool the drink and give it a more refreshing flavor.

How Long Does A Protein Shake Last In The Refrigerator?

The refrigerated protein shake will remain fresh for at least 24hrs after mixing. Yes, it might be possible that there will be a separation during that time and that can change.

The flavor will vary with the protein, it's possible to taste it. But after prolonged refrigeration, shakes taste fresh.

Can You Prepare A Protein Shake Before A Workout?

You can make protein shakes before a workout, however, consuming them within two hours can help prevent unpleasant taste and texture. Protein shakes that are mixed ahead of time should be stored in the fridge, as well as consumed within two hours.

Make sure to keep your protein shake away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. If you do this, your shake will stay tasty for days!


Protein shakes are a convenient, on-the-go snack or meal replacement that can help you reach your daily protein goals. However, they don’t last forever! Knowing how long they last and how to store them will help keep them fresh and tasty.