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AdvoCare: What To Eat During Cleanse?

AdvoCare: What To Eat During Cleanse?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of a cleanse as a juice fast or something similar. However, the AdvoCare Cleanse is a bit different. It’s an AdvoCare 10-day cleanse program that is designed to help your body cleanse itself of toxins and reset your metabolism.

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While the AdvoCare Cleanse is not a juice fast, there are certain things you should eat and avoid during the 10 days. In this blog post, we will go over what to eat and what to avoid during your AdvoCare Cleanse.


What Is The AdvoCare Cleanse?

AdvoCare cleanse system is a great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. The AdvoCare Cleanse is a 10-day program that helps to cleanse and detoxify your body. The cleanse involves a specific diet and supplement regimen that helps to flush out toxins and impurities from your system.

Fiber drink mix, herbal cleanse tablets and probiotic supplements are also included in the program to help cleanse your system. AdvoCare recommends that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein sources, during the cleanse to help your body function at its best. Probiotic restore ultra is a product that is also recommended to be taken along with the cleanse to help replenish good bacteria in the gut.

Why Do a Cleanse?

When you do a cleanse, also called detox, you give your body a break from unhealthy habits and substances. Cleanses can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and they typically involve changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

There are many different reasons why people choose to do a cleanse. Some people do it to lose weight or jumpstart their healthy eating habits. Others use it as a way to detoxify their bodies after a period of indulgence or to reset their system after taking medication. Still, others simply feel better when they regularly cleanse their bodies of toxins.

Whatever your reason for wanting to do a cleanse, it's important to do your research and make sure you're doing it safely and healthily. There are many different cleanses out there, so be sure to choose one that's right for you. And remember, always check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program.

What To Eat During The Cleanse

If you're doing the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge, you may be wondering what to eat during the cleanse phase. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

First day of the cleanse

On the first day of the cleanse, you'll start by eliminating all processed foods, sugars, dairy, and alcohol from your diet. For breakfast, you can have oatmeal with fruit or eggs. For lunch and dinner, you can have a salad with chicken or fish. You should also drink plenty of water, herbal cleanse tea, and cranberry juice powder throughout the day.

On the second day of the cleanse

On the second day of the cleanse, you'll continue to avoid processed foods and sugars. However, you can add some healthy fats back into your diets, such as avocados or olive oil. For breakfast, you can have a smoothie made with almond milk and fresh fruits. For lunch and dinner, you can have salmon or grilled chicken with vegetables. Again, be sure to drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

On the third day of the cleanse

On the third day of the cleanse, you'll add whole grains and starchy vegetables back into your diet. For breakfast, you can have quinoa with berries or an omelet with vegetables. For lunch and dinner, you can have brown rice with veggies or roasted sweet potatoes with chicken. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day.

On the fourth day of the cleanse

By the fourth day of the cleanse, you should be feeling lighter and more energized. At this point, you can start reintroducing moderate amounts of other healthy foods back into your diet. Just be sure to listen to your body and avoid overindulging.

During the cleanse phase, it's important to eat foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar. Milk thistle extract is also recommended to help support liver function. Beetroot powder is another supplement that can help to cleanse the body and support detoxification.

Fiber blend is another product that can be used during the cleanse to help promote regularity. Lastly, make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day to help flush toxins from your system. This will help to keep your energy levels up and flush toxins out of your system.

Benefits Of The Cleanse

The best part about this cleanse is that it requires no fasting, juicing, or special equipment. All you need to do is drink water and eat. The foods listed in the cleanse are easy to find at your local supermarket, and most people have a lot of them in their homes already. When you are on the AdvoCare Cleanse, there are a few benefits that you may experience. These benefits can include:

Increased Energy Levels

Many people report feeling more energetic while on the cleanse. This is likely because your body can better absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins.

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Improved Digestion

The cleanse can also help to improve your digestion. This is because it helps to cleanse your digestive tract and supports digestive health and gets rid of any built-up toxins.

Weight Loss

Some people may also experience weight loss while on the AdvoCare Cleanse. This is likely due to the improved digestion and elimination of toxins from your body.

Clearer Skin

Another common benefit is clearer skin. This is likely because the cleanse helps to eliminate toxins from your body, which can lead to clearer skin.

Improved Mental Clarity

Finally, many people report feeling more mentally clear after completing the AdvoCare Cleanse. This is likely due to the elimination of toxins from your body and the increased absorption of nutrients.

Tips For A Successful AdvoCare Cleanse

If you're looking to jumpstart your health and wellness journey, an AdvoCare cleanse is a great way to do it. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your cleanse and see success:

  • Drink plenty of water - this will help your body flush out toxins and stay hydrated.
  • Eat light meals - focus on eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Avoid processed foods, sugars, fried foods, and alcohol.
  • Get plenty of rest - sleep is important for helping your body heal and repair itself. Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours each night.
  • Exercise regularly - exercise helps increase circulation and aids in detoxification. Just be sure not to overdo it – moderate activity is best during a cleanse.
  • Taking supplements as directed - supplements can help give your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally during a cleanse. Follow the directions on the supplement bottle for the best results.


If you're considering doing an AdvoCare cleanse, congratulations! This is a great way to jumpstart your healthy eating habits. During the cleanse, it's important to eat nutrient-rich foods that will help your body detox and reset.

While it may seem daunting at first, with a little planning and preparation, you'll be able to complete the AdvoCare cleanse. And once you're done, you'll feel lighter, more energized, and have a better overall sense of well-being.

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