The oscar winning actress made headlines in the spring of 2013 for her amazing weight loss. The star has been on a constant fitness mission. She is proud to document her progress on social media and has been sharing videos of her workout sessions with fans. In fact, the 48-year-old went on to lose more than 100 pounds in six years.

In 2006, at 262 lbs, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and doctors warned that she was on a dangerous path that could eventually take her life. In late 2007, Mo’Nique made the decision to lose the weight. Many of her fans turned their backs on her, claiming that she was no longer a voice for bigger women.

This talented actress has had a number of roles in both film and video. She first gained fame for her whole as Nikki Parker in the famed television series The Parkers. Mo’Nique’s progress has been slow and steady by the design of her personal trainer: “I wanted to do it the right way so the weight would stay off,” the star says.

In 2009, is when Mo’Nique received praise for her role of the abusive mother in the film Precious. She received awards including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in this powerful role.

Mo’Nique has always had incredible success as both a comedian and an actress, but has struggled with her weight since she was a child. We too can help you achieve your own weight loss with our friendly tips and resources for anyone.

The Star advises: “Don’t wait for a wedding or class reunion to get your body right. Push yourself. Surprise yourself. Love yourself. Right now!”


About Mo’nique’s Weight Loss Journey

In the past, Mo’nique has embraced and loved her fuller figure. But recently she has been spotted out sporting a more svelte figure. Mo’nique has even gone as far as publishing several books with the titles, “Skinny Women Are Evil: The Notes Of A Big Girl In A Small Minded World”, as well as a cookbook with the title “Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted”.

Mo’nique constantly posts inspirational quotes and infographics to her twitter account to inspire her fans who are going through the same weight loss journey. “I tweet every morning,” she said in an interview with Star Magazine last year, “Because I want women to see — especially us big women — that you don’t have to let them cut you and suck it out.”

While she loves the way she looks now, the actress admits, “I love my belly. It’s a part of who I am. If it makes my baby feel better, I’ll keep it for him and for his babies to have a place to lay their heads when they come, too. Besides, my husband likes me a little fluffy and that works for me.”

Mo’nique sends a reminder to all of her fans that being confident and OK with yourself – flaws and all – is one of the sexiest and empowering things a woman can do. She just hopes that women will make adjustments necessary for better overall health.


Mo’nique’s Diet Plan


Mo’nique did not follow an exact meal plan, as other celebrities do. Instead, she worked with her trainer to follow an elimination diet to help her achieve her weight loss goals. An elimination diet is a procedure that is used to identify foods that may be causing an adverse effect in a person, such as weight gain. It can also be used to determine allergies or side effects by cutting out foods, and then reintroducing them one at a time.

The main focus was to work towards changing her overall eating habits. The talented star has cut out junk food like donuts, cake, cookies, crisps, and chips, and instead of red meat and fried foods, she eats fresh fish and drinks a gallon of water each day. Mo’nique eliminated the following foods for the best result.


1. Carbohydrates

White carbohydrates are the one of the hardest things for your body to process. ‘Bad Carbs’ are food like baked foods that have been linked to an obesity problem in the United States. White Food refers to anything that is white in color, and has been severely processed. This includes food such as:

  • White flour
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Crackers
  • Cereal
  • Sugar
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup.

Bad carbs are less satisfying than good carbs. This is because the body absorbs processed grains and simple sugars very quickly, and about an hour after eating you begin to feel hungry again. Artificially sweetened beverages like sodas provide little to no nutritional value, and are loaded with unhealthy white sugars.

We can minimize the health risk of eating an excessive amount of bad carbs by eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates that strip away beneficial fiber and lack important nutrients, such as white bread and white rice.

Whole grain carbohydrates are still very important to your body, and should be enjoyed in moderation.


2. Soda

Mo’nique cut out damaging soda from her diet to achieve her amazing weight loss. The average american drinks 56 gallons of soda per year. Some people even drink more soda than water each day, or no water at all.

There is ten teaspoons of sugar in just one can of soda, which sends the person’s blood sugar through the roof and actually causes an insulin reaction in the body. Over time this can lead to both diabetes and extreme weight gain. Many people who drink soda suffer from obesity and other health problems.

As an alternative to sugar, diet drinks utilize aspartame as a substitute to these white carbohydrates. This chemical has been proven to be more harmful than sugar. It has been linked to health problems such as seizures, tumors, diabetes, and emotional issues.

The caffeine in sodas and other sugary beverages has been linked to breast lumps, high blood pressure, poor sleep, and mental problems such as OCD. There is no nutritional value in drinking soda; in fact it can be dangerous to consume this drink in excess.


3. Junk Food

The actress cut out junk foods as part of her elimination diet, simply because of the terrible effects of snack food. An elimination diet is not for everyone and it is important to speak to a physician before beginning any regimen of diet and exercise.

Junk foods contain nitrates, these are used in meats like cold cuts to keep them fresh, from growing bacteria, and going bad. There is an increased risk of cancer in those people who consume too make nitrate filled meats. Food that is bad for you contains a lot of fats, typically in the form of saturated fats, which can cause blocked arteries and weight gain.

Processed junk food contains a lot of sugar, which additionally makes them very high in bad calories. Processed meals also contain a lot of of salt, as it is used as a preservative to keep the food fresh. Excess salt in a diet can make the consumer feel bloated and can even increase the person’s blood pressure and lead to weight gain.

There is really no nutritional value in eating junk food as these processed foods simply do not contain any beneficial vitamins or minerals.


Mo’Nique’s New Diet

In a recent interview with the star she stated her favourite foods on her new diet. Mo’nique claimed hummus was one of her favourite snacks. The chickpea dip is very low in fat, but extremely high in fiber and protein. Hummus is very flavourful and can be eaten along with veggies or high fiber crackers.

Mo’nique also loves kale patties with homemade salsa, okra, black bean burgers, and brussel sprouts. She also eats a lot of fresh vegetables, free range chicken, fruits, and seafood on a daily basis, while drinking about 80 to 120 ounces of water a day.

According to the star, she keeps losing weight due to lifting, weights, yoga, swimming, hiking, boxing, and working out at the gym. You can see Mo’nique living it up while working it out all over her social media platforms. Follow her on Twitter to see her progress!


Start Your Own Weight Loss Journey Today


While results like Mo’niques are not typical, they are the result of hard work, dedication, good diet, exercise, and – most importantly – perseverance. If you are looking to start your own weight loss program, you have come to the right place. We offer tips and tricks on dieting and exercise so that everyone can feel healthy and look great. Diet and exercise can make a difference in everyone’s lives. Not only will you be healthier but you will feel great as well. Check out our diet resources today if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life!

You can be your amazing, sexy self, just healthier if you begin a weight loss journey. We are here for you every step of the way. It is important to speak to a doctor before you begin a routine of diet and exercise to ensure prolonged health.
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