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The Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

The Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

​Before you indulge in a hormone reset diet, there are a few key elements you should know about. There’s a lot more to such a reset diet than cutting out meat from your diet plans. Also, you should not avoid every non-plant food in your meals. Reading well-detailed hormone reset diet reviews (such as this one) is important. It will help you decide if you want to start this diet too.

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Hormone reset diet reviews also help select the guide you should follow. Understanding how such a diet works will give you a better grasp of the concept. Once you comprehend the nuances of such a diet, you can choose the best plan to follow (tips). This plan would then cater to your specific dietary needs. This will be effective in helping you to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



​What is a Hormone Reset Diet?


​Such a hormone focused diet is a new phenomenon on the health spectrum. It involves tailoring your diet to only include elements that benefit your health. As part of the diet, you will learn to detoxify. This will cut all the toxic and harmful agents from your pre-existing diet.Toxic elements in your food mess with your hormonal levels. As a result, they cause negative side effects.

Once you have a clean meal schedule, you can reintroduce single dietary elements. This will help you identify the role each food group plays on your health. You will also be able to find out the foods that cause discomfort. This method is especially useful for identifying if specific foods cause your allergies.

Over the course of three months, this diet will help you come up with a tailored meal plan. This meal plan will cater to your health needs, and only include foods which benefit your body.


​Choosing the Best Hormone Diet Guide


​When you first look at the hormone diet guides, there are a few initial prospects to consider. First, you have to consider your goals. What do you want to get out by resetting your diet? What do you hope to achieve for your health and your body?

Different hormone diet reset books offer different types of guidance. The guides vary depending on the nature of their authors. You need to look at the reviews and consider what type of author can cater to you. You may also review sample chapters of possible guides and books to see if a certain author appeals to you.

Considering the reviews and doing your own research will help you connect with a good book. You need a book that can cater to your personal goals. Customer reviews are an important part of this exercise. You need to consider what other real customers are saying.

​Do they consider a certain book to be helpful? Do they find a certain author boring, and regurgitating redundant information? Does a certain book contain placating advice, or does it have a harsher tone?

One final, yet significant aspect to consider is the author and their credibility. Certified nutritionists should hold the highest place to take advice from. Sometimes, general physicians are the ones authoring nutrition books. There must be credible evidence that they are knowledgeable about the topic.

Keeping all these pointers in mind will assist you to find the best guide suited to your needs. Consequently, you will be able to regain your health quickly.


​Our Top 5 Hormone Reset Diet Book Recommendations


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1. The Hormone Boost by Natasha Turner



  • Written by a naturopathic doctor
  • ​Tips augment naturalistic and holistic medicine
  • Deal contains recipes and Pick-4 meal plans
  • Information about supplements and accompanying workouts included
  • Author includes tips that have proven effective for all her clients (no exceptions)


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​Dr. Natasha Turner uses an integrated approach to medicine and health care. She is a naturopathic doctor, and her books deal with natural approaches to health issues. “The Hormone Boost” deals with educating her readers on six important hormones.

According to her, these six hormones are the key to improving your strength and energy. The hormonal imbalance is also the culprit to weight gain. This means that creating an effective diet should, in turn, lead to weight loss. The book intends to make the body healthier and leaner by improving the diet.

Dr. Turner's book provides a scientific extension in how her ideology works efficiently. She stresses upon optimal factors, rather than extremes. She suggests bonus trips here and there, personal anecdotes, and positive research findings. These tips are helpful to keep you going strong into the diet. There are also daily progress charts and weekly tracking aids to let you see your progress.

The best thing, perhaps, about the book is her 100% effectiveness guarantee. She does not include random suggestions or untested routines. Rather, her plan includes regimes that have worked for all her clientele. This is a big confidence boost for anyone reading her book. Because it, in turn, motivates her readers to stay true to the suggested plan and not slack off.

Here is a rundown of Dr. Turner's plan. She suggests over 60 recipes that you can choose from to consume during your monthly diet. She also suggests a Pick-4 meal guide, which allows you to cook a meal from only 4 ingredients. The guide is inclusive of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, and snacks. For each suggested meal, a calorie count, as well as a nutrition count, is also included. So you can see which food groups constitute which meals. This also makes meal prep easy, instead of having to spend hours to prepare one meal.

The diet plan in “The Hormone Boost” emphasizes upon controlling your diet and also burning it. The book includes workouts to escort your diet plan. These workouts range from mild warm ups to hardcore strength training ones. This is very useful because it will help you be mindful of how your body uses what you eat. Also, it builds healthy habits instead of suggesting blind weight loss tips.

This is not to say that the book is not for those who want to lose weight. Dr. Turner's plan kick starts your body to lose excess fat. Moreover, the book also advises helpful tips for the goal. Effective supplements will help speed up weight loss. Meals that will help in particular with a weight loss goal are also marked.

All in all, whatever your health goal may be, “The Hormone Boost” is an effective, yet engaging, guide. You can use it as a beginner guide, and tailor it to your personal health goals. If you have never indulged in nutritional aspects of your diet, this book is a good place to start.

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2. Younger by Dr. Sara Gottfried

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  • ​Written by a Harvard-MIT Physician-Scientist
  • ​Includes a 7-week plan which is practical to implement
  • ​The book focuses on 5 key factors to slow down aging processes of the body
  • ​The appendix contains scientific literature and definitions of terms. All of it will help you understand the biology of your body better




​Dr. Sara Gottfried has many laurels to her name. She is a Harvard graduate, a Physician-Scientist, as well as a best-selling author. She has written books about streamlining your diet to lead a healthier lifestyle. In her latest book, Younger, she tackles a different yet related topic. That is, to hack your lifestyle to slow down the rate of atrophy of your body.

This book boasts of a timeline to introduce you to a revolutionary program. This program aims to help you understand that your genes only have a limited impact on how you age. The common belief that most people hold is that your genes control the basis of your biology. This is very true, but only to some extent.

Scientifically, 90% of your body is a cumulative result of your lifestyle. What you eat and thus how you live, translate directly into your health. The book hammers this point home. It thus aims to tackle your lifestyle in such a way as to manipulate your health. It will help you to identify the toxic elements that constitute your life. You can identify the elements causing distress, sluggishness, and fatigue.

Knowing what negatively impacts your body will help you eliminate the unwanted effects. This can help slow down or even reverse the aging process on your body, as well as your mind.

Drawing on the mentioned concepts, Dr. Gottfried suggests five key factors. These factors are at the core of your body system. They are responsible for promoting and hastening the aging processes. These are muscles, brain, hormone, gut, and toxic fats. This is also why this book works as a resetting diet, as well as a guide for the other areas of your body.

All five of the said key elements come together to control your body. If well taken care of, these can make your body healthy. In view of that, the author presents her revolutionary 7-week plan. This program means to cater to these factors in a practical manner. By tackling only one aspect of your life weekly, you can improve upon all the five key factors in a gradual way.

Here's a rundown of her seven-week program.

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Week 1 tackles food, or your meal plans. In a brief and concise fashion, it makes you aware of minor adjustments you can make to your diet. It also notifies you of how these adjustments will help the key 5 factors in your body.

Week 2 is all about sleep. Sleeping patterns, sleeping habits, and sleeping aids are all dealt with. The next week focuses on movement. In a more specific sense, it focuses on the core movements of your body.

Week 3 emphasizes release of tension and stress. This will have a dual effect of helping both your physical and mental health. Week 5 concerns exposure, while the next two weeks concern relaxation and mindfulness. Being aware of your lifestyle motivates you to make changes more often than not.

These seven weeks may not bring about a dramatic transformation. They might not even reduce a said number of pounds. Instead, they will introduce you to an alternative way of life. The alternative lifestyle can positively impact your lifespan.

3. Energy Reset by Michelle Brown

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  • ​Authored by a certified nutritional coach
  • ​Includes convenient lists and links to products needed for a healthier lifestyle
  • ​Includes habits that can be quickly ingrained into your lifestyle without much effort
  • ​Focuses on the behavioral aspects of nutrition. It does not drag readers through heavy scientific literature unnecessarily



​Michelle's book boasts the tagline to remove toxins from the body and reset your hormones. Following these two main goals, she claims to restore your body's energy and health. This might be a bold claim to make in a diet plan. But Michelle is confident and concise. Her book seeks to deliver what she claims, and is helpful.

One reason why Michelle's advice is credible is because she has dealt with medical issues. She has had hormonal imbalance problems and a gut dysfunction. Both these issues had severe negative repercussions on her health. This made Michelle motivated to reclaim her life. The core of her journey culminates in one single finding.

Apparently, our poor health is mostly the result of our unbalanced lifestyle. Taking control of our lifestyle is the cue to reclaiming our health and energy. Her book is a testament to ways on how to achieve this result.

Without any useless back stories, the book cuts right to the chase. The author talks about daily health observations that most of us can relate too. This includes sluggishness, digestive problems, exhaustion, sleepless nights, etc. She then correlates the issues.

She intends to make a point about how different unhealthy habits come together to wreck the body. For instance, lack of sleep affects your concentration and focus. It also leads to an increase in body weight and contributes to tissue inflammation.

Most of us commit to unhealthy habits because we are ignorant of the serious damage they can do. Michelle tends to attend to that factor. And she does that with an easy to read tone and without body shaming anyone at all.

As a certified transformational nutrition coach, Michelle is aware of the diet traps. Most diet programs, even put forward by medical professionals, are nothing useful. At the very best, they are a regurgitation of the “eat well, sleep well” mantra with no useful information. Michelle's book tends to avoid that flavor. She has been a desperate person in search of help. And now that she is a certified coach, she knows how she can provide help effectively to the other side of the border.

One of the cool things that make Michelle's book an all-star is her aide to help. Most books advise you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But you don't know where to start. Most of us even have trouble figuring out where to buy certified organic produce from. To counter this, Energy Reset includes convenient links to products hinted at in the book.

Links for purchasing organic foods, skin care products, and cruelty-free makeup are mentioned. She also includes 2-minute alterations to diet and habits. These can greatly benefit you if done regularly. Workout regimes are also given, which will not require you to join an expensive gym. There is even a section on how and where to acquire safer and the best cleaning products. It really doesn't get any better than this!

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4. The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. Alan Christianson

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  • ​Written by a naturopathic doctor with over 75,000 successful testimonials for treatments
  • ​Works especially well for people with growth hormone or thyroid related issues
  • ​Includes recipes and a 7-day plan so that you can test the diet in as brief time as possible



​The Adrenal Reset Diet sounds like a run of the mill hormone diet guide. The tagline reads the same. It says recycle carbohydrate and protein consumption to balance hormones. This is intended to reduce the stress on your adrenal glands. This will help your body function better. Seems a little too simple to achieve? Yes. And that is what the author, Dr. Christianson counts on.

Alan Christianson grew up in rural Minnesota as a child with a severe health issue. True, that now he is a naturopathic doctor. But back then, he was only a kid with Cerebral Palsy. The condition left him with seizures, poor muscular coordination, and obesity. As a young kid, he had to struggle with the internal stress of his body.

The external societal pressures from his peers were harsh as well. This led him to take a bold step to shapeshift into wellness. He was only in 7th grade when this transformation happened. He made a vow to reset his health and better his life. Over the next couple of months, he read every health guide and fitness book he could find.

He also focused on how nutrition and food impact the tendencies of human bodies. When he felt like he had enough, to begin with, he created his own recovery plan to meet his goals. He stuck to his regime. Within 2 years, he had become an example for the change you can create by being mindful of your own body.

It is this attitude he inculcates in his patients as well. He has treated over 75,000 patients at his clinic. He has helped them end hormonal problems from their lives. In a study conducted at his own clinic, he tested his Adrenal Reset Diet. The results showed that half the subjects were successful in doing two things within a month.  One, resetting their cortisol levels. And two, losing at least 9 pounds of weight. You can only imagine the health benefits by sticking to his plan.

In a nutshell, the Adrenal Reset Diet caters to the adrenal glands. They are above the kidneys and produce a hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for stress and fat storage. The body has a normal cortisol rhythm.

This is in the array due to unhealthy nutrition and pollution elements. The disturbed rhythm leads to fatigue, weight gain, cardiac issues, and diabetes. The book contains a diet plan to fix all that. And it will only take a week. No more complicated Pinterest search for recipes. The book will have them all, and more. There are workouts and lifestyle tips for healthy living. All you need is a determination to follow along.

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5. Hormone Diet by Joelyn McKeown

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  • ​Includes 50 best recipes to start your hormone focused diet regimen
  • ​Does not include needless scientific language to confuse or scare the reader
  • ​It is very concise and caters to the nutritional aspect only
  • ​The book does not speculate or correlate health problems for needless scare



​The Hormone Diet is the king of concise books. The book deals with a hormone diet regimen, yet it does not present an encyclopedia on the topic. The author sticks to her knowledge. There is no gushing about science concepts that ordinary people wouldn't care about.

The book only sticks to the advantages of the hormone diet. It then proceeds with simple suggestions on how to incorporate the tips into your daily diet. Following the tips are 49 incredible recipes.

These 49 recipes are in line with the three phases of the hormone reset diet. The book assumes that the reader knows the nuances of the diet. The recipes given are easy to prepare and are easy to sync with your progress of the diet.

There are a variety of soups, side dishes, entrees, snacks, and breakfast ideas to choose from. The dishes considered in the book will also work as regular meals for non-dieting people. This makes it easy to continue the diet if you live with other people.

There's a lot of information about calorie intake, and how to spot good calorie food. Good calorie foods are those which combat leptin resistance and reduce cravings. This helps in regulating and improving metabolism. This will, in turn, improve your health and energy levels. And that is the effective purpose of the hormone reset diet.

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