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AdvoCare Innovative Diet Technique or Scam? AdvoCare Challenge Review

AdvoCare Innovative Diet Technique or Scam? AdvoCare Challenge Review

Want to lose weight AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Review?  If so, you aren’t alone.  The obesity epidemic is sweeping the world.  One in three Americans over the age of 20 are obese.  The obesity rate is only slightly lower in Europe and Canada.  Even chinese people are getting fatter.  According to a recent survey, 20 percent of urban Chinese citizens are overweight.  

Weight Loss

People who are struggling with weight issues want to get slimmer.  That’s why companies that sell weight loss systems made 6.3 billion dollars in 2015.  Because the weight loss industry is so profitable, lots of different businesses have thrown their hats into the ring.  

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Which Diet Plan Actually Works?


Competition in the diet industry is intense.  New diet businesses want you to stop using your current diet system and switch to using a new one.  In order to get you to make the switch, they publish misleading info and sprinkle rumors about competing products all over the internet.  

advocare 24 day challenge reviews

Failed dieters also muddy the waters.  People who cheat the whole time they’re supposed to be dieting often try to lay the blame on whatever system they were trying follow.  

Want to know the truth about AdvoCare?  If your answer was yes, then keep reading.  By the time you reach the end of the page, you’ll know all the program’s benefits and disadvantages.


What is AdvoCare?


AdvoCare is a Texas based weight loss company that’s been around since the early 90s.  In the early 2010s, the company grew by leaps and bounds.  In 2013, the company reeled in 460 million USD in sales.  But unless someone you know uses AdvoCare, you may not recognize the name.

Instead of TV commercials and other forms of traditional marketing, AdvoCare depends on word of mouth.  When you try AdvoCare, you can opt to become an AdvoCare distributor if you enjoy using their products.  Distributors get special discounts and other benefits in return for telling their friends about AdvoCare.  

In the early 2010s, bloggers picked up on the program and started writing about the AdvoCare system.  That’s why so much information about various AdvoCare diet plans can be found online.


What Is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?


Weight Loss

Everyone loves a good challenge-- especially on the internet.  In 2015, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral fast.  Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates quickly hopped on the bandwagon.  Before anyone realized what had happened, everyone’s Facebook timelines were clogged with videos of people dumping ice cold water over their heads for charity.   

Strange food challenges have also spread like wildfire.  The dreaded Cinnamon Challenge has been around for going on 15 years now, but it really took off in 2007.  To take the challenge, you have to make a video of yourself eating a large spoonful of cinnamon.  Drinking water to help speed things up is strictly not allowed.

AdvoCare Challenge Review
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Because food related challenges are so popular, the people at AdvoCare decided to put a healthy food challenge together.  The AdvoCare 2 Day Challenge is a diet plan designed to help anyone lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time.  Because the AdvoCare diet is built to help you burn fat in a hurry, it is quite a bit more strict than most diets.  You have to follow an exact schedule and avoid many different types of unhealthy foods to pull off the challenge successfully.


What Is In the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Box?


When you buy into the AdvoCare 24 Challenge system, the company sends you a giant brown package.  

Inside the package, you’ll find a small green box labeled Herbal Cleanse.  In the first part of the diet, you’ll be using the 21 capsules contained in the Herbal Cleanse box to flush out your system.  Toxin buildup can stand in the way of weight loss.  After the cleanse, your body will be ready to start burning fat.

In the package you’ll also find a white bottle labeled OmegaPlex.  This bottle contains Omega 3 fatty acid supplements.  In the past, some companies have tried to rip off consumers by producing fake Omega 3 fatty acid pills.  But after investigating the contents of the pills, Dr. Oz was able to verify that OmegaPlex by AdvoCare is in fact a real Omega 3 fatty acid supplement-- not a sketchy ripoff.

Another box that you’ll find in the AdvoCare 24 Challenge pack is a small red one labeled MNS Max.  MNS stands for Metabolic Nutrition System.  Basically, MNS is an appetite control supplement that helps reduce hunger pangs.

One of AdvoCare’s most popular weight loss products is AdvoCare Spark.  AdvoCare recommends that you drink a Spark every morning during each day of your challenge diet.  Spark is an energy drink that comes in powder form.  It helps you burn calories and get your metabolism going in the morning.  With the 24 Day Challenge pack you get to try orange and tropical punch flavored Spark.

Towards the end of the plan you’ll start using AdvoCare’s Meal Replacement Shakes.  Some meal replacement shakes are gross.  But AdvoCare’s shakes are actually pretty good.  Each pack contains 24 grams of protein and 220 calories.  

In addition to all the stuff listed above, you’ll also get a handy little 24 Day Challenge manual that tells you exactly how to use AdvoCare’s products during the 24 day challenge period.


Let’s Take a Look At the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Manual


Many people who have tried the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge love AdvoCare’s easy to read diet manual.  The challenge guide shows you everything you need to do to lose weight.  The plan explains the system in words that anyone can understand.  

If you’re totally lost when it comes to dieting, the AdvoCare Challenge manual gives you a structure you can latch on to.  As long as you stick to the program, you’ll never make a mistake.  

The first few pages of the guide are all about motivation.  They contain lots of before and after shots and testimonials.  There’s also a list of benefits that tells you exactly what kind of results you should expect.

Next, the AdvoCare manual shows you how to measure yourself.  This is an important step because seeing for yourself exactly how much weight you lost and where you lost it can give you the will to stick to a healthy diet.  AdvoCare enthusiasts like to post their before and after pics to your favorite social media sites.  Once you’ve made a big change in your life, it feels good to show off the results to your friends and family.

After the measurement tips you’ll find the best part of the guide: the meal schedule.  This diet’s schedule is very detailed.  It shows you exactly what to eat and when.  

A big part of the reason why people get fat has to do with lack of knowledge.  It’s easy to slip into unhealthy eating patterns-- especially when you’re young.  If you don’t know the healthy way to eat, there’s no way to break the pattern.  But the AdvoCare system gives you the knowledge you need to change.  

If you have no idea what a healthy lifestyle feels like, just follow the schedule.  It’s really not so hard once you get used to your new routine.

The first part of the schedule walks you through the first 10 days of the challenge-- the 10 Day Cleanse.  After you finish the cleanse, you level up to the next part of the program.  AdvoCare calls the second part of the diet the 14 Day Burn Phase.  During the burn phase, your metabolism speeds up.  That’s when most people start to notice big results.  

The final pages of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Menu contain a helpful shopping list.  The shopping list shows you exactly which foods you should pick up when you visit the grocery store.  The shopping list also shows you a list of foods to avoid.


The AdvoCare Diet Helps You Form New Eating Habits


When you’re young, you’re supposed to eat a lot.  Teenage bodies need lots of calories.  But adult bodies are much different.  Once you reach your full size, you have to adjust your eating habits.  If you continue to eat as many calories as you did when you were young, you’ll become obese.

Eating Healthy

Many women pick up bad eating habits during pregnancy.  Pregnant women have to eat more.  In fact, if a pregnant woman doesn’t eat enough her baby will develop health issues.  But many pregnant women don’t plan their meals wisely.  Sudden food cravings often tempt pregnant women to indulge in unhealthy foods.  After the pregnancy is over, many women find that they’re addicted to processed snacks.

A strict diet plan like AdvoCare can help you break bad eating habits and get back to eating healthy.  And if you never learned how to eat healthy in the first place, the well-organized AdvoCare diet plan will show you exactly how it’s done.


The Side Effects of Being Fat


According to the CDC, obese individuals are are more likely to develop the following diseases:

  • Hypertension.  Over time, high blood pressure will wear down your heart and blood vessels.
  • High cholesterol.  Cholesterol narrows your blood vessels, increasing your blood pressure even more.
  • Diabetes.  Sugary food throws your body off balance.  If you don’t change your habits, you could develop diabetes.
  • Gallbladder disease.  Cholesterol buildup can block your gallbladder, preventing it from effectively processing bile.
  • Stroke.  A stroke occurs when a blood vessel close to the brain ruptures.
  • Joint pain.  Excess weight stresses the joints, causing arthritis and other issues over time.
  • Cancer.  Obese individuals are more likely to develop many different types of cancer.  Breast, colon, kidney... the list goes on and on.
  • Depression.  Obese people are more likely to develop body image issues that lead to depression.


You Don’t Have to Starve Yourself to Get Healthy


With the AdvoCare diet, you don’t have to starve yourself.  And you don’t have to measure out every little thing you eat, either.  As long as you use common sense, you can eat until you don’t feel hungry anymore.  For example, you can have as much of any type of vegetable as you want.  Most lean meats are okay, too.  Lots of delicious proteins that you probably already eat on a daily basis fall under the “unlimited” category.  Even certain types of nuts and cooking oils are on the unlimited list.  


A Simple But Effective Portion Control Method


One man’s meal is another man’s snack.  So how do you know for sure if you’re overeating?  With the AdvoCare system, all you need is your fist.  

According to the AdvoCare diet guidelines, every meal should consist of two parts: a protein and a carbohydrate.  Your protein shouldn’t be any bigger than your fist.  Your carbohydrate shouldn’t be any bigger than two fists.   

If you really are big boned, your hands will be bigger.  So, you can eat just a bit more.  Smaller people have smaller fists.  So, smaller people should eat less.  It’s a simple yet useful way to quickly measure meals.  


Why Some People Can’t Get Fat


Some people never get fat because they were born with a fast metabolism.  In other words, they just burn energy faster than the rest of us.  If you have a slow metabolism, you have less energy and it’s much harder to burn calories.

The AdvoCare Challenge is designed to cleanse and reboot your metabolism.  By the time you’re done with the challenge, you’ll be burning calories at a higher rate than normal.  After the challenge is over, it’s up to you to keep your metabolism going strong.  Keep exercising and eating lots of fruits and veggies and you’ll never regain the weight you lost.


What Can You Eat?  Approved Advocare 24 Day Challenge Diet Foods


Unlimited proteins.  Some of the meats listed on the unlimited menu are very yummy.  You can eat just about any kind of protein you want.  Crab legs, ground beef, ground turkey, eggs, fish and lobster are just a few of the recommended meal items in the protein category.

Unlimited veggies.  You can eat some types of vegetables all day long and never get fat.  Grilled asparagus, roasted cauliflower, soul food style collard greens.  Pretty much every vegetable you can imagine is on the table.

Unlimited fats.  Some types of fats are allowed.  You can have a handful of almonds for a snack, if you like.  You can cook with all kinds of healthy oils, too.

Unfortunately, you can’t have any dairy or bread while you’re on the challenge.  You also have to give up sugar and alcohol.  


What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Right?


  • You gain energy.  Rebuilding your metabolism takes a lot of hard work.  That’s why you won’t see results on the first day.  But after about a week or so, your body will begin to adapt to the new fuel you’re giving it.  Getting off of sugar and caffeine hurts at first.  But eliminating spikes and crashes will help your body follow a more natural rhythm.  

Advocare Challenge losing weight

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  • Your skin starts to look better.  Greasy fast food makes your skin oily and can even cause acne outbreaks.  Skin problems tend to clear up once you start eating healthy.  
  • Nagging health problems improve.  That chest cough that won’t go away will suddenly disappear.  You usual morning headaches will stop happening.  
  • Brain fog lifts.  Ever feel tired and confused in the middle of the day?  That feeling stops happening once you start making better food choices.


Advocare 24 Day Challenge Price


One bad thing about the AdvoCare diet plan is that most AdvoCare products are a little bit pricey.  But if you like the program and become a distributor, you can get all kinds of discounts and benefits.  If all your friends start hopping on board, you can even make a little bit of cash on the side.  

Selling AdvoCare to your friends isn’t as awkward or as difficult as you may think.  If you lose lots of weight and keep it off, all your friends will beg you to tell them your secret.


Criticisms of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge


All kinds of competing diet systems are out there trying to make the Advocare 24 Day Challene look like a scam.  But here’s the truth: AdvoCare works.  It’s one of the best selling diet systems in the world.  And several well-known doctors have approved of the AdvoCare system.  

Dr. Oz recently checked out several of the supplements sold with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge pack.  He came to the conclusion that all of AdvoCare’s products are the real deal.

Some have criticised AdvoCare for working with popular internet bloggers and YouTube stars.  But in this day and age, that’s how people get their information.  They trust their friends and the people they follow on social media sites.


What Is Multilevel Marketing (MLM)?


Multilevel Marketing is used to promote a product through word-of-mouth advertising.  MLM companies offer discounts and special deals to customers willing to sell products to their friends.  

MLM has a bad reputation, but it’s actually a legitimate, perfectly legal marketing technique.  


Popular Companies That Use MLM


Avon.  Back in the early 1930s, Avon founder David H. McConnell was just another struggling door-to-door salesman.  Today, his company is an international makeup juggernaut.  Like AdvoCare, Avon recruits distributors and teaches them how to sell products to their friends.  The system works. Women love Avon beauty products.  That’s why the company sold 10 billion dollars worth of merchandise in 2013.  

Tupperware.  When Tupperware arrived on the scene in the late 1940s, the company changed the way we think about storing food.  Tupperware distributors throw “Tupperware parties.”  During the party, guests can check out the different Tupperware offerings.  If someone buys something, the party host makes a small profit.

Mary Kay.  This cosmetics company came along a little later in 1963.  Mary Kay uses the same marketing technique as Avon to sell makeup.  Fans of the Mary Kay brand can make money by selling their favorite products to their friends and associates.  Though Mary Kay isn’t quite as big as Avon, the company still makes lots of money every single year.  Mary Kay reeled in almost 3 billion USD in 2011.

Pampered Chef.  Debuting in the 80s, Pampered Chef is a newcomer compared to the two MLM companies listed above.  Like Tupperware, Pampered Chef sells speciality kitchen gear.  The Pampered Chef sales technique is based on Tupperware’s successful business model.


AdvoCare Challenge Final Verdict: It’s Definitely Worth a Shot


AdvoCare must be doing something right.  The company’s impressive track record speaks for itself. AdvoCare is the 6th most popular MLM business out there right now according to  Only Avon, Beachbody, Young Living Essential Oils, DoTerra Earth Essence and Rodan and Fields are more successful.  

Another reason to believe in AdvoCare is that many nutritionists have given the company positive reviews.  Popular celebrity health advisor Dr. Oz has verified that AdvoCare’s supplements are made from good quality ingredients.  

advocare review

Here’s another reason to try AdvoCare: all of those homemade before and after shots that you see online.  Judging by the photos, the plan seems to work just as well for men as it does for women.  If you’re already fit when you start AdvoCare, you wind up with a shredded, sleek physique at the end of the program.  Part of the reason why the before and after shots are so effective is that AdvoCare is great at helping their dieters measure and photograph their bodies.  The AdvoCare manual shows you exactly how to compare the “before” you to the “after” you.  After AdvoCare dieters have shed their pounds, they naturally want to show off pictures of their body to their friends and family.

The only downside to using the AdvoCare system is that it isn’t cheap.  However, you can mitigate your cost by selling the product to your friends.  If you’re successful at getting your buddies to lose weight with you, you can even make a little bit of money on the side with the AdvoCare MLM program.  The average AdvoCare distributor makes about $800 per year. Thank you for reading our advocare 24 day challenge reviews. 

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