Going on a low-carb diet is getting more popular nowadays. After all, reducing the percentage of carbs from the diet will effectively help in reducing the body weight. Apart from this, it will also help to decrease the chances of other negative effects on the body’s metabolism.

However, carbohydrates are considered to be the main source of energy. Then reducing the percentage of the nutrients in the regular diet might lead to slower metabolic rates and other problems. In fact, results have shown that to stay healthy and get rid of excess body fat, a no-carb diet isn’t enough.

When on one hand you need to get a nice body, on the other hand, you need to stay fit. This is where medical analysis has shown the usefulness of a keto-diet for the ones who wish to stay on a low-carb diet routine.

What exactly are the ketones?

Both carbohydrate and fats are energy-rich compounds. However, the first priority of metabolic breakdown is always given to the carbohydrates. The fatty acids are stored in the liver and muscle cells in the form of a subcutaneous fat layer. And this is bad!

In order to have a low carbohydrate diet, you will have to compensate for the deficiency of the energy house. Ketones do the job in the best possible manner.

Ketones are the chemical products produced during the fat metabolism. The times when your body is triggered to produce the ketone bodies are when the glucose level falls below the threshold.

This metabolic process is termed as ketogenesis and is carried on in the liver. The liver cells convert the fatty acids into the keto compounds, producing an alternative energy source for the body. Ketone percentage will not account for your glucose level and hence is suitable for the diabetic patients.

During the ketogenesis, the human body is able to manufacture three main types of ketones:

  • Acetoacetate
  • Acetone
  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate

What are the types of ketones available?

Based on the site of production, ketones are classified into two main types.

  • Endogenous ketones: the ones which are prepared by the body through the natural ketogenesis process. Here the deposited fatty acids are converted into the disintegrable ketones by the liver cells.
  • Exogenous ketones: these ketones aren’t produced in the body itself by the liver cells. Rather they are taken along the normal diet regularly in the form of food supplements.

Amongst this two types, the exogenous products including the Prüvit Keto OS use the beta-hydroxybutyrate as the main component.

In how many forms Ketone supplements are available?

Ketone supplements are available in the exogenous form and they are taken as nutritional supplements. These supplementary products come in two physical forms:


In the ketone salt products, the ketones are chemically bonded to calcium, magnesium or sodium. This increases the uptake of the component by the body cells. As a result, Ketone salts are the commercial products that can be taken as supplements.


Ketone esters, on the other hand, are only for experimental purposes. This particular form is not available in the market for consumption. Here, beta-hydroxybutyrate is present in the pure form, without any additives.

What are Prüvit Keto OS supplement products?


Prüvit is a worldwide company who deals with the exogenous ketone supplements. This Canadian company makes the supplements to replace the carbohydrates from the diet effectively.

Their main product, Keto OS means ‘Ketone Operating System’. This is mainly taken in the form of juices in a variety of flavors. So, it’s not at all bad in taste. You can either buy the ketone supplement in containers containing bulk powder or in the form of the ‘on-the-go’ packets.

Recommendation from the company itself suggests the powder be dissolved in 16 ounces of water. One time consumption is enough to bring about the healthy changes in the body.

How does the Ketone supplement from Prüvit works?

According to the medical reports, a normal keto diet consists of 80% fat and only 5% carbohydrates. The proteins occupy the rest. Following up this diet routine over a prolonged time-period can be hectic and sometimes, you can lose the track.

In fact, by following a keto-diet, your body will get accustomed to it after a week or so. Now, this can be sometimes infuriating.

However, Keto OS by Prüvit claims that the powder will start ketogenesis in the body within sixty minutes of consumption. In fact, the exogenous supplements are meant to prepare the body for the minimum time gap.

This, in turn, will help the individual to have the benefits of the keto-diet without having to restrict the normal food routine drastically.

The ketone supplement from Prüvit works in the following way:

  • Once consumed, the main component, beta-hydroxybutyrate is absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Once absorbed, it is then taken to the liver cells where they are converted into the energy compounds.

The exogenous ketone product can be quite effective even when the body isn’t prepared for ketogenesis from beforehand.

What are the benefits of the Ketone supplement from Prüvit?

Prüvit Keto OS has proven to be quite effective in staying fit and healthier as compared to the normal low- carbohydrate diet. Until recently, people have stayed ignorant towards the potential health benefits of the Ketones. And that’s why now when medical reports have supported the intake of the same, people are shifting towards a Keto diet.

The health benefits of the exogenous ketone salt manufactured by Prüvit are:


As you are including less carbohydrate and more fats in your diet, your body’s metabolism will undergo ketogenesis. As a result, the fat you are taking won’t be stored in your body. Rather they will be converted into ketones and will be utilized as a source of energy.

The result is in the feel of a full stomach and hence you will b compelled to reduce your consumption. Also, the metabolism of fats will reduce the deposition of the fatty acids in your muscle cells.


Ketones are said to have anti-carcinogenic effects on the body. When tests were conducted on the mice using the dietary ketone supplements, results were in the favor of the mice. The supplements increased their survival rates.

The main reason that contributes to the anti-cancer properties is the non-utility of the ketones by the cancerous cells. This, in turn, has helped in reducing the chances of developing any carcinogenic cell.


Unlike the medium chain triglycerides, ketones are actually digestible by the human body. The MCTs form one of the major components of the fat. When you are consuming any MCT product, your gut might react in a negative way to the triglycerides.

As a result, ketones are suitable for those who have dietary problems and suffer from gastrointestinal problems.


The athletic build up of the body depends upon the level of the muscle glucose which is usually stored after the body uses the required glucose.

However, when you are on a strict diet, your muscle glucose will be utilized owing to the glucose deficiency in the blood. As a result, after an intense workout, you might feel tired and fatigued.

In such cases, exogenous ketones help a lot in building up the lost muscle glucose after the workout. As a result, taking in the ketone supplements will help you recuperate the fatigue and the pain in the muscles.


As human beings get old, their neurons in the brain too ages. This aging causes the mental activity to decline drastically, sometimes resulting in the neurological degeneration.

Alzheimer’s disease and mental retardation are some of the degenerative diseases in human beings. This neurological degeneration can be reduced by taking in the ketone supplements.

The anti-inflammatory property of the ketones helps in reducing the neural degeneration. In fact, the intake of the supplements has led to better mental health in many people who have remained on a prolonged keto diet.


The presence of ketones in the diet prevents the secretion of the anti-inflammatory enzyme, the inflammasomes. This, in turn, reduces the inflammations of many cells and even the body parts. Apart from the enzyme-inhibiting properties, ketone reduces many microbial inflammations by acting as an antimicrobial agent.

Can you rely on the ketone supplement of Prüvit?

If you want to reduce your weight and get an athletic body, then ketone supplements are certainly helpful. In fact, the one prepared by Prüvit specifically targets in making the body healthy and reduce the loss of the muscle glucose.

Though exogenous ketone salt is somewhat less effective than the ether, it is still more useful than cutting off the carbohydrate completely. You can follow up a keto diet along with taking the supplements.

The action time of the supplements is less than the diet and so many people only rely on the former. Even when you aren’t on a strict keto diet, taking the supplements will definitely do the job.


KETO//OS Orange Dream 2.1 CHARGED Review

Innovative in different ways, the ketosis based products offer a dieting solution that's much better than any other kind of diet available these days. It should be noted that not all ketosis inspired supplements are produced equally. As a matter of fact, they vary widely in terms of effectiveness and quality.

With that in mind, you should take the time to thoroughly explore everything that this review has to offer. But before we start exploring this remarkable dieting supplement, let's see the main benefits of this product.



KETO//OS Orange Dream is a unique keto supplement which offers the powerful potential to people embracing ketogenic dieting. Here are some significant benefits of this awesome product:

  • The body well-sustained in ketosis is more efficient. That's because the human body needs less oxygen so that mental and physical performance is considerably increased at the same time. When you are in ketosis, you enjoy higher levels of focus and clarity. That improves your brain functionality. KETO//OS provides a much-needed energy boost to both your body and your mind. This ensures that your body has fuel required for good mental and physical function.  

  • When carbohydrates aren’t consumed for a prolonged period of time, the body starts turning to fat as an alternative. This ketosis based product gives your body high-quality fats instead of unhealthy carbohydrates.

  • KETO//OS triggers various metabolic processes in the body, promoting the creation of ketones. As a result, your body has a steady supply of energy that is necessary for proper cellular activity.

  • This healthy supplement is beneficial for losing weight in a healthy way. In fact, this product is intended for those who want to slim down in a reliable and safe way. Since it's based on solid medical and scientific evidence, you can be sure that you'll burn fat consistently. This product gets the fat layers to melt away much faster. By the way, you will be feeling less hungry and less desire to eat.

  • It contains advanced macronutrients that promote longevity and optimal cellular regeneration.

  • KETO//OS Orange Dream speeds up conversion of carbohydrates to glucose.

  • By consuming this revolutionary product on a regular basis, you can decrease inflammation.

  • It helps people with epilepsy as well as many other health-related conditions.

  • This drink mix has been proven to increase strength and improve mood levels as well.


What's It All About?

Now, let's see what the KETO//OS Orange Dream 2.1 CHARGED Supplement is. This is a mighty keto-based product that is both effective and safe for weight loss. So, if you would like to lose weight in a natural and safe way, this keto supplemental product is a safe bet.

KETO//OS is a nutritional, natural supplement which provides your body with the ketones. Some of the most advantageous exogenous ketones are incorporated into this unique formula. It's based on a proprietary technology.

So, you actually gain the ketone benefits via supplementation. That increases the levels of alertness while making you feel fresh and awake. As a result, you get increased awareness and mental clarity.


Is It Safe?

The supplement is laboratory tested and gluten-free, so you can use it with peace of mind. Additionally, it is tested for efficiency and quality.

Note that the caffeine content is included. A serving of this drink is equivalent to the amount of caffeine you get when drinking one cup of coffee. We think of an average coffee cup. Coffee lovers will appreciate the fact that it's charged with caffeine!

NOTE: Some people may get a little skin rash. If you experience this reaction, calm yourself down. Continue using it and your body is going to adapt after a few days.


The product is created in such a way to be convenient and easy to use. If you are a kind of person who has an active lifestyle, then you may mix it with water. Whether you are at work, at a gym, or on vacation, you can always use it with ease. You will be able to use it on the go. This is possible due to the convenient packaging.

It's not necessary to follow any strict keto diet while using this effective supplement. Even better, it is unnecessary to adhere to a low-carb diet. Don’t worry. You will still gain all the benefits of this product.


As the name suggests, this is the orange flavor. Keep in mind that personal feelings with regard to the taste are very different. That said, some people will tell you that the taste is something between aspirin and Gatorade.

Others will claim that there is chocolate flavor, too. There are also users who think that this drink mix has a citrus flavor and that it slightly resembles lemonade.

Well, all of these opinions and feelings should be respected. But one thing is for sure. It definitely has an orange flavor.

Best Suited For

The KETO//OS Supplement is suited for those who regularly participate in a ketogenic diet. It is also aimed at those who use any Keto BHB salts so as to achieve better results in respect of maintaining high ketone levels.

This beneficial product is often used by people who perform intense workouts. In addition, it is suitable for professional athletes — no matter what type of sport is in question — who wish to improve performance.


  • The product will keep your body in the state of normal ketosis

  • It helps to increase ketone levels

  • Given the fact that this keto supplement is formulated carefully, it's free of fillers and artificial ingredients

  • It is excellent for weight loss

  • It's simple to use thanks to convenient packaging  

  • Taste is very pleasant

  • It's proven to increase strength


  • Even though most users found the taste pretty good, some people may not like it

  • It may cause a skin rash in some people

Final Thoughts

Does the KETO//OS Orange Dream 2.1 CHARGED Supplement deserve attention? If you have carefully read the review above, then it is needless to say anything. All the benefits resulting from this product are explained in detail. Most important of all, the product is healthy and safe.

Lastly, we can conclude that this keto supplement performs as expected. It helps in burning fat and maintaining ketosis, so those who want to lose weight naturally should consider using it. The KETO//OS is a solid proof that it's really possible to slim down with a carefully formulated keto product.