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How to Start A Carnivore Diet With Fruit

How to Start A Carnivore Diet With Fruit

It can be challenging to eat the right amount of nutrients while following a carnivore diet. It’s especially difficult if you don’t like eating red meat daily. A carnivore diet with fruit is exactly what it sounds like: a diet that is high in protein and fat but low in carbs.

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The benefits are numerous, including weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and more energy throughout the day. Carnivore diets can be very restrictive as they eliminate almost all non-meat foods from your menu and eat meat only.

When it comes to beverages, a carnivorous diet prohibits fruit juices, vegetable juice, tea, and coffee, as well as bone broth. Alcohol is also barred from this diet.

However, a fruit-filled carnivore diet will give you enough variety so that you won’t get bored of eating only meat again any time soon. Here are some tips for starting a carnivore diet with fruit.


What is the Carnivore Diet?

Everybody wants to have a healthy diet and some tried the keto diet but there's a new fad that’s recently gained popularity among people looking for quick and effective weight loss. Which is called the carnivore diet.

The carnivore diet is an eating pattern that consists of eating only meat along with some vegetables that are low in carbohydrates. Carnivore dieters eat no vegetables except for green vegetables like kale and spinach because these are low in carbohydrates.

Because followers of this diet eat no fruit, seeds, nuts, or legumes, the diet is also sometimes referred to as a “Paleo” or “Primal” diet. It is also sometimes referred to as the “Zero Carb” diet because it consists of zero plant-based foods.

It is not intended to be a long-term diet or a diet to fully transition to. Rather, it is designed as a short-term dietary intervention to help people identify food sensitivities, address digestive issues, or lose weight.

The Benefits of Fruits in a Carnivore Diet

There are health benefits you can get from fruit. Fruits are high in vitamins and minerals that are essential for health and wellness. They are also rich in antioxidants that can fight off free radicals and protect our cells from damage.

Fruits are also high in fiber, which is essential for healthy gut bacteria and to keep you regular. Without fiber, your bowels can become backed up. You can also become constipated. Fruits are also rich in water, which is essential to keep you hydrated.

Fruits are also high in sugar. Sugars like glucose and fructose are essential for the body but consuming fructose and glucose too much can lead to weight gain.

The high sugar content of fruits or sweet fruits can also spike your blood sugar, causing it to drop significantly once the sugar is broken down.

There are many health benefits to eating a carnivore diet with fruits. For starters, eating fruit is a great source of fiber and will help you stay regular and feel full longer.

Fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which you’ll need on this diet to stay healthy. For example, vitamin C helps repair and build tissue in the body, including skin and blood vessels.

What to Eat on a Carnivore Diet With Fruit

When you’re on a carnivore diet, you’ll need to follow two rules: eat mostly protein and eat mostly fat. This means that carbs are completely off the menu. You can eat as much protein and fat as you want, but you must keep your carbohydrate intake below 25 grams per day.

For a carnivore diet with fruit, eating meat, eggs, seafood, and dairy mostly are the things you want to eat. If you choose to include fruit in your diet, you should stick to low glycemic fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

We recommend that you eat a good amount of fat and protein at each meal to keep you feeling full and satisfied. For example, you might eat a fat-heavy meal of eggs with butter and salmon one day and a protein-heavy meal of steak with eggs and cheese the next.

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Decide Which Fruits You’ll Be Eating

Most fruits are low in protein and high in carbs, which is why many people who follow carnivore diets avoid them. However, some fruits are much lower in carbs than others.

Some of these “low-carb” fruits that you can eat while on a carnivore diet include blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, pears, and peaches.

The first step towards eating a carnivore diet with fruit is deciding which fruits you’ll be eating. While there are plenty of fruits available, some are better for your carnivore diet than others.

You’ll want to avoid fruits that are high in carbs, including bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and avocados as well as dried fruits. You can, however, eat certain fruits that are lower in sugar and higher in carbs, such as pears. Some great fruits to eat include:


Apples are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. They’re also very low in sugar and contain only about 15 grams of carbs per serving. C- Crunchy apples make a great snack between meals, or you can also use them to spice up any other type of meat you’re eating.


Grapes are a wonderful source of vitamin K, B vitamins, magnesium, and manganese. They’re also relatively low in sugar and carbs but still contain enough carbs to make them worth eating. Grapes also have a long shelf life, making them a great option for times when you might forget to buy fresh fruit.


Avocados are a fruit that contains vitamin C, E, K, and B6, as well as important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and folate. Because they are fruit and not vegetables, avocados are acceptable on a meat-only diet.

Start With The Most Tender Red Meat

The first type of meat you should eat is the most tender red meat. This includes steak, ground beef, and other types of red meat that are relatively tender and easy to chew.

Carnivore diets with fruit differ from carnivore diets without fruit in that you should avoid eating tough meat cuts, such as ribs and chicken skin. This is because tough cuts of meat contain higher levels of collagen.

It’s important to avoid eating large amounts of collagen as it can negatively affect your gut health. To get started eating tender meat, try cooking with a cast iron pan. You can also add meat to salads and sandwiches or eat it plain with some vegetables on the side.

Add More Fat to Your Meals

One of the biggest differences between carnivore diets with and without fruit is the amount of fat you’ll be eating. A carnivore diet without fruit is typically lower in fat than a carnivore diet with fruit, but the difference is not drastic.

A carnivore diet with fruit is typically higher in fiber, which is believed to help promote good gut health. This means that more nutrients will be absorbed by your body, which is important for people on a carnivore diet.

Carnivore diets without fruit typically don’t include a lot of fibrous vegetables and eat only animal food, which means that more nutrients are being absorbed by your body. This is important for people who are suffering from various conditions, like autoimmune disorders.

You can also try different kinds of organ meats such as beef liver. Muscle meat such as steak is indeed very nutritious, but on a carnivorous diet, an animal-based diet, if you are not consuming organ meats, you will be deprived of important nutrients necessary for optimal performance.

People who want to eat a carnivorous diet can get everything they need from beef liver, which provides vitamins A B, E, D, choline, copper, and iron.

Ways to Incorporate More Fruit in your Carnivore Diet

If you want to eat fruit while on this diet, there are a few ways to do it:

Use a low-carb fruit extract like pureed prunes or blueberries in your protein shakes or smoothies. This will lower the carb count of your shake or smoothie without adding too much sugar or making it taste too sweet.

Eat fruit as a dessert after your meals. This will help prevent you from eating too much of it and getting too many carbs.

The Problem With Fruit When Following a Carnivore Diet

Fruit is healthy, right? Well, that is true, but there are some minor issues with it when you’re on a carnivore diet. While fruit is good for you, it’s not necessarily good for you when following a carnivore diet.

For example, while a small portion of blueberries or raspberries is low in carbs, a large portion of them will likely give you too many carbs for a carnivore diet. Plus, large portions of fruit can also be high in sugar, which is something we try to avoid on a carnivore diet.

On a carnivore diet, you want to eat the fruit in moderation. Stick to a small portion at each meal and avoid eating too much fruit. Fruit, in comparison to northern fruits, contains more fructose. It is worth noting, if not avoiding entirely, that fructose intake should be moderated. Avoid fruit juices on the other hand.

This will help you avoid eating too many carbs, which can make it tricky to stay in ketosis, the metabolic state where your body burns fat for energy instead of carbs. If you’re not metabolically healthy, or just consuming large amounts of meat, then there are plenty of reasons to be wary of fruit.

Risks in Carnivore Diet with Fruits

Carnivore diet affects our health both positively and negatively. Here are some risks that you might experience:

Increased risk of developing kidney stones

One of the risks of following the carnivore diet with fruit is that you might develop kidney stones.

Increased risk of developing liver abnormalities

And lastly, the last risk of following the carnivore diet with fruit is that it can increase your risk of developing liver abnormalities.

While the carnivore diet can be effective at helping people with their weight loss, it needs to be done in moderation. The diet is not sustainable in the long run and can cause serious health issues if you don’t plan your meals carefully.

If you want to try the carnivore diet, it is important to talk to a doctor first and don't ever disregard professional medical advice. A doctor can help you decide if this type of diet is right for you and help you plan meals accordingly.


A carnivore diet with fruit can be healthy and nutritious for weight loss and improve your health if you do it properly. Eat a variety of low-sugar fruits, be mindful of B and K vitamins, and include fibrous greens in your meals to stay healthy.

A carnivore diet with fruit can be challenging at first, but it can also be very rewarding. As long as you’re careful to make sure your diet is balanced, you’ll likely see a lot of positive changes from eating a carnivore diet with fruit.

The carnivore diet is effective for weight loss, but it can be hard to stick to for more than a few weeks. If you add some fruit to your diet, you’ll likely find that you are more satisfied than if you were eating only meat.

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