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Tea happens to be full of flavonoids, and it also contains some amazing health benefits. Whether you prefer green tea or hibiscus tea, white tea or chamomile, it’s bound to be good for you. For years, tea has been used worldwide. People believe it to be a good source of happiness, health, and even a source of wisdom as well. It’s all about drinking the best herbal teas.


Tea and Health Benefits

Teas, in general, are extremely beneficial for your health. Studies claim that tea can help prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes. Teas can also help in improving one’s mental alertness. It is known to be beneficial for patients with heart diseases. It can increase one’s concentration level. You can even drink tea in order to lose weight and to reduce your cholesterol level as well.


There isn’t any side effect of drinking tea. Instead, tea happens to have antimicrobial qualities as well. It is a great alternative if you wish to cut down on caffeine and coffee. It contains fewer amounts of caffeine and calories.


There are different types of teas, black tea, instant tea, and herbal tea. While bottled tea isn’t preferred by most nutritionists, herbal teas seem to be a favorite. You can reap loads of benefits from herbal teas as long as you’re steeping them for the right amount of time.

The best way is to steep these teas in a covered vessel. This way the tea maintains its essential oils and you’re able to reap its medicinal properties as well.


Herbal teas are made using seeds, herbs, and fruits. Some of them contain roots that have been steeped in hot water a longer period of time. Herbal teas, compared to black and green teas have low concentrations of antioxidants. These teas are from plants, and so their chemical compositions vary. But they still include natural components for a healthier lifestyle.


Types of Herbal Teas

There is a variety of herbal tea from you to choose from. These include ginger tea, rooibos tea, chamomile, and Echinacea tea. You also have a choice from jasmine, mint, hibiscus, and rosehip teas. They are great for when you wish to shed a couple of pounds.


These help in preventing you from getting sick and are a great remedy for treating colds. Tea can also help you in falling asleep. If you feel restless and can’t sleep, then a cup of herbal tea is all that you need for a good night’s rest. Herbal teas are extremely beneficial.


Here are some of the most beneficial herbals teas for you to include in your everyday life:


  •         Chamomile tea is filled with antioxidants. It helps in preventing complications you might suffer from due to illnesses. Furthermore, it helps in preventing one from losing their vision due to diabetes. It also prevents any sort of nerve and kidney damage from taking place. Chamomile tea can even prevent cancer cells from growing.


  •         Echinacea tea is the most common remedy for treating the common cold. It helps in improving your immune system as well.


  •         Hibiscus tea can help with maintaining your blood pressure. So if you are someone who suffers from elevated blood pressure then drink at least three cups of this tea. It will help lower your blood pressure.


  •         Rooibos, also known as red tea is made from a South African herb. It is a fermented drink. This tea has cancer-fighting properties and tastes absolutely divine!


How to choose the best herbal teas?

It is important for you to make sure that the tea you are choosing is made using high-quality ingredients. Are you drinking herbal teas for medicinal benefits? Then you should avoid adding other products to it.


You shouldn’t add things like essential oils and other flavors to your tea. The best way of reaping all the benefits from such tea is by letting it steep for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This way you’ll bring out all the natural properties it has. Herbal tea can also affect your mood a lot. It will make you feel refreshed and happy.


Our 5 Top Best Herbal Tea Recommendations

1. Lily Tea Gold Label Detox Tea by Herbal Inn



  •         Contains Lotus Leaf, Oolong, Rhubarb, Jasmine, Bamboo leaf and rose.
  •         To be drunk once or twice per day



The excessive toxins in the body can cause you to feel bloated and extremely tired out. For this purpose, you need a detox tea in order to cleanse your digestive system. Model Lily Tea is a well-known tea which does its work quite well!


The ingredients help in cleansing the body without. Meanwhile, it does not apply any sort of stress on your digestive system. The tea also includes ingredients such as Jasmine tea and Oolong tea into the blend. This allows you to balance your cholesterol level. It also helps in reducing weight as it suppresses your appetite.


The taste as well as the aroma of this tea is phenomenal. You are bound to find the Model Lilly Tea extremely satisfying. It will allow you to relax after a stressful day. Add at least 240 ml of boiled water to your tea bag. Then let the tea bag steep for 3 minutes (at the very least) and then enjoy.


2. Organic Tea Honeybush



  •         Made from organic honeybush
  •         A blend of real flowers, fruits, and spices.
  •         Contains a good amount of phytoestrogens and is caffeine-free
  •         A delicious drink with a honey-scented aroma and some honey overtones.



This tea is a favorite not only in South Africa, where organic Honey bush grows but in fact all over the world. This tea has a rich and earthy brew. It also has honey overtones which make it sweet. This tea is rich in antioxidants and phytoestrogens. Both the ingredients help in recovering and in healing.


Also it is caffeine-free, so it’s a great choice for anyone who wishes to cut down on caffeine intake. This is a quality tea that is made from real fruits, flowers, and spices. It has a mellow, natural sweetness to it. This ensures that you don’t require any additional sweetening. A cup of this tea can help you fall asleep at night.


3. Peach Infusion Tea



  •         Promotes good heart health
  •         Offers you a fruity and spiced blend
  •         Great for making iced, yet healthy beverages
  •         Contains elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, apple slices, currants, and papaya.
  •         It also contains strawberry pieces, blueberries, cornflower blooms, and rosehip peel.



This peach infusion tea is basically ‘summer in a mug.’ You can taste the peachiness in the first sip. This tea includes a variety of berries and other fruits as well. This gives it a very fruity flavor. It is perfect for enjoying summer.


It can be a bit creamy for some. This is due to the apples components. The apple flavor is from loose leaves. So you have to steep them in boiled water for quite some time for a complete tasting experience.

4. Tea Forté Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea


  •         4 pouches for each blend
  •         Pre-portioned pouches for you to use
  •         Pouches are extremely easy to use



You can use these pre-portioned tea pouches to make yourself the perfect cup of tea whenever you like. This includes about 28 pouches; there are at least 4 pouches for each blend. The blends you will receive include Shangri-la gold black tea. There is also Honey orchid oolong tea and Palace needle green tea. You also get Darjeeling happy valley black tea. Fleur d’orient oolong tea is also there. Jasmine dragon pearl green tea and White downy green tea are included.


These pouches contain loose tea leaves that you have to steep. You can make a 12 oz. pot or a cup of tea using one pouch. You simply have to open the pouch containing the tea and empty all of its content into a teapot. You can even use an infusing basket as well. Pour the water over the leaves and then let it steep for a couple of minutes.


Each of the blends has its own unique taste; while some give off undertones of honey with fruit. Meanwhile, some have floral undertones. The aroma and the taste will help in allowing you to relax. Finding the flavor you love is the fun part of trying out all available teas.

5. Birds & Bees Teas


  •         It is a natural remedy for people with insomnia
  •         A necessity for pregnant women
  •         Caffeine-free, made using all natural herbs
  •         Can be drunk both cold and hot



This blend of tea is great for calming your nerves and for helping you fall asleep. It contains loose leaf ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and skullcap. This is an all-natural tea that is perfect for those pregnant women who are suffering from insomnia. This tea can also be used for overstimulated toddlers as well. It will surely help them feel relaxed.


You can brew a cup of this tea then add some honey in it for a calming effect. The tea is caffeine free. The tea bag is reusable for a few cups too. The flavor makes it one of the best herbal teas you can go for.



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